Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter is coming

Off to crank on the furnace and take a long hot shower after my daily wander to inspect my ward.

The lumpy Hummocks of the tundra are turning deep into themselves and grumble sweet groans while they slowly settle into the familiar snowy blankets of dreamseason. Geese, assembling in great gaggles, preparing to flee with their children, south by air in their rubbery shoes. It's bone cold but I shall remain as always to keep watch over what will soon become a silvery wilderness of tuft-headed Hummocky lumps, tight little wads of lightly snoring squirrels...and wolves. Yes, there will be wolves. Soon.


  1. BOOM! A new blog post from Ms. Kit Lane!

    A fine appraisal of what's coming.

  2. I wonder what will emerge this winter?

  3. I dunno really but its coming :o) Nesting has set in, projects finishing, clearing away my desk clutter. Something's happening, I can just feel it brewing.


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