Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Verbose Linguistic Jewellry

Days, weeks, years, of striving to shape and craft and mold that writing voice which is becoming mine, have led me to the shrewd disclosure of this self-truth: that my ever-increasingly perfectionistic, obsessive behaviour is manifested in my writing through the endless polishing of a single sentence to consummation, searching for that purity of prose - that elusive essence of the exact experiential moment - which can be defined by a single strand of word pearls, connected end-to-end with each contributing specific and beauteous meaning to the completed necklace which is that sentence. Linguistic jewellery.
My eventual quest then: to perfect that skill of epitomizing a complex encounter into a single protracted - might one even say verbose? - sentence, subsequently followed by a compressed exclamation attempting to sum up that feeling evoked by the transpiration itself; the clasp, that is. Closure.