Saturday, April 26, 2008


I fully intended to do more felting today but I spent my energy shoveling. We got from 12 to 15 inches during the night. It's the middle of April darn-it!

Kidlette is going to the movies tonight with a friend so maybe then I can felt. Sometimes one just gets the urge to poke.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Etsy Anniversary for me. Yay!

As you can well see by the date of my last post, I am still not blogging but I'm going to give it another try. (I can see your rolling your eyes)
I do however have a wee web space now that I'm very excited about called Etsy. It's a marvelous community of hand crafters, mostly women. Etsy is a venue to sell ones wares made by ones own sweat and toil with like minded people. Since my last posting I have taken up needle felting and apparently people at Etsy like my squidgee little characters. So far over 400 have been sold on this, the day of my one year anniversary there. Besides the lovely confirmation of my creativity demonstrated by sales (I still do the happy dance at every sale...the thrill never wears off. Sometimes I even get a bit weepy at the joy of someone liking what I do) I have met some truly supportive and inspiring people through Etsy and hope the coming year will find me brave enough to offer some of my other art work.
Have a look at my shop and Etsy too.